Acne face map

Acne Face Map – Find Cause and Means to fix Acne Through Pimple Placement

Acne face map is really a technique used to look for the real cause of acne. In the event that your zits can be put into pretty much exactly the same place every month, then the cool thing is that bodies are trying to let you know something. The idea and concepts of face mapping derive from China techniques of face mapping for stopping ailments. Chinese Medicine ( TCM) practitioners believe there are points on our bodies which are linked to various major organs. Thus, if you’re constantly getting acne, say, in your right oral cavity, then your problem most likely persists inside your liver, hormonal glands, and intestinal functioning. The herbalists then prescribe remedies and changes in lifestyle to fix these imbalances and help treat acne problems from the roots.

Acne Face Map: Common acne zone and what they’re trying to let you know

Zone 1, 2 and three – The brow and between your eyebrows
acne face map organs

When you get pimples around the brow, you’ll need to have a look at the digestive tract. You’re most likely refusing to eat right or are involving in junk food wealthy in fats, sugar etc. Your metabolism can also be poor. Accordingly, to treat the acne problem in line with the Face Map, you have to concentrate on consuming more vegetables and fruit and eliminating all of the junk in the diet. Also get some exercise regularly to enhance the metabolic process. Drink lots of eco-friendly tea.

More steps if you’re getting pimples around the brow:

  • Follow an earlier to sleep – early to increase practice
  • Drink more water every single day to cleanse the machine from toxic products.
  • Cut stress through relaxation methods.
  • Reduce refined foods, sugars and salts from diet
  • See if the cosmetics, shampoos or any other irritants are resulting in the acne.
Zones 4, 6, 8 and 10 from the Face Map – The edges from the eyes
Chinese face mapping acne

If you’re developing acne around the sides from the eyes just beneath the brow, then your likely culprits are imbalances within the kidneys. To lessen it, make certain you stay well hydrated. Attempt to include more cooling foods like melons, cucumbers, and gourd within the diet. Other activities associated with these zones from the Face Map are:

  • Eliminating cheese, fats and junk foods etc
  • Stop smoking and alcohol
  • Including moderate exercise daily
  • Examining the cosmetic makeup products. (Toss out old blush, concealers, foundations etc. Wash or improve your makeup brushes).
Zones 3 – Between eyebrows

The zone 3 signifies pimples between your eyebrows. This might mean lactose intolerance, night time snacking, alcohol consumption and possible food hypersensitivity. Sometimes, even waxing or threading of stray hair between your eyebrows can lead to acne in this region. Make certain you apply the right products. Some steps to avoid acne within this Zone are:

  • Eliminating alcohol completely
  • Keeping a food diary. In the event that particular foods produce acne, you might have to provide them with up completely.
Zone 5-7-9 – Tip and sides of nose in addition to upper a part of lips

Red and inflamed nose signifies hypertension, or early indications of rosacea and acne over the lips can often mean improper lipsticks and lip balms. To resolve such acne while using Face map technique use following steps:

  • Pimples around the nose indicate you’re eating an excessive amount of spicy or oily food. Reduce these food types and eat light.
  • Blackheads around the nose also become pimples and pustules. Make use of a mild noncomprehending face wash and exfoliate weekly while using suggested non-abrasive products. Make certain your makeup/cosmetics are non-acnegenic.
  • Get outdoors daily together with exercise.
  • Eat more fiber through vegetables and fruit
  • Eliminate salt completely, look at your BP regularly
  • Look at your tooth paste, lipstick and lip balms
  • Pimples on nose tip and over the lips also indicate imbalances in heart, spleen and lung area. Acupressure might help solve these imbalances.
Zones, 5-9-10 – Left and right cheekbones
meaning of pimple location

Acne on cheekbones is quite common in adult women. Hormonal imbalances and problems of lung area, heart, spleen, and stomach would be the common factors causing acne within this acne face map region.

To resolve acne through this pimple placement mapping:

  • Exercise daily to bolster the lung area
  • Change pillow cases frequently. Choose hypo-allergenic detergents.
  • Improve your makeup brushes, products etc. Stay away from makeup completely if at all possible. Use skin doctor prescribed sun block.
  • Feel, as this your cell phone for your oral cavity.
  • Look at your dental health. Go to the dental professional to find out if you will find underlying dental problems.
  • Avoid overeating.
  • Women with hormonal adult acne probably get acne within this zone of acne face map following a period (or simply before it). Sometimes, taking dental contraceptives might help correct hormonal imbalance. In some cases, the OCPs may be resulting in the acne. Simply switching to a different brand or stopping the medication can relieve acne of the type.
  • Use stress control techniques to relieve PMS (pre menstrual stress).

The acne contained in this zone from the Face Map (together with hair regrowth in females) indicate. Stress is yet another reason for acne within this zone.

More Tips

  • Manage stress through relaxation techniques like hearing music, meditating etc.
  • Massage the abdomen lightly in circular motion.
  • Take more omega-3 efa’s. Eat walnuts, flax seeds and fatty fish like salmon.
  • Eliminate sugar, refined flour completely.
  • Drink herb teas like spearmint, eco-friendly tea etc.




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